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Originally Posted by xscoobysnack
Any of you guys with the carbed TE510's have any trouble with starting these beasts when they are cold? My 07 starts like nothing once warmed up but sometimes the first start in a week can be a challenge. I often wind up kicking it over but that almost seems to work better anyway. I follow the instructions and twist the throttle twice before turning it over (pumper carb) but am hesitant to keep twisting after every attempt with the electric start for fear of flooding. Any hints would be great. Otherwise, I love the bike. They are tough as nails.
It would have to be very cold & not used for a few weeks for me to have any real issue starting. Usually pull choke knob, 2 twist's & press the starter button for a couple cranks, if that don't I repeat, only flooded it once or twice when brand new. Not bikes fault, my screw up, I had to physical remove your hand from throttle & press start button, I was actually turning the throttle while trying to start (bad no no) If it's been sitting for more than a few weeks & it's cold, I give the throttle 3 twist's, never let me down since I realized the error of my starting technique
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