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Originally Posted by A-Bone
Interesting... do you have any experience with OEM rechargables??? If they are anything like my DeWalt 18V drills I'm gonna have no luck.... mostly because I would not be using it all the time.... With the DeWalts I usually have a dead battery after a short time of use because I am just a weekend user; they just don't hold a charge over a long period of time... so it is great they come with two batteries and charge pretty quickly...

I could understand rechargables if you use flashlights heavily everyday in your work (I'm thinking mining, PM security, etc), but I would use a big flash light once a week maybe..
The problem with Nickle chemistry batteries is that they self discharge over time.

The Nimh's do this worse than the Nicads. But they all loose capacity with disuse. I've made a habit of charging and discharging my Nimh and Nicad RC model batteries once a month if they are used or not.

The Lithium rechargables, on the other hand, can sit for months with nearly a full charge in them and not suffer much capacity loss.
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