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Originally Posted by A-Bone
Interesting... do you have any experience with OEM rechargables??? If they are anything like my DeWalt 18V drills I'm gonna have no luck.... mostly because I would not be using it all the time.... With the DeWalts I usually have a dead battery after a short time of use because I am just a weekend user; they just don't hold a charge over a long period of time... so it is great they come with two batteries and charge pretty quickly...

I could understand rechargables if you use flashlights heavily everyday in your work (I'm thinking mining, PM security, etc), but I would use a big flash light once a week maybe..
The Inova T4 uses lithium batteries. I mislaid one of mine for over 6 months, and when I finally found it, the charge was enough that the light ran for over an hour. I don't recall what the state of charge was when it was lost, but I still think that is outstanding. I'm in law enforcement and need a dependable light. I've been issued a couple of Streamlights, and they are just OK. Their customer support is outstanding, though. I just wish that I never had to need it.
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