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another vote for the Nitecore from

I tried to make myself buy a surefire for years- but always just choked on the price. Found the Nitecore stuff and have never looked back- HUGE power from a single rechargeable AA battery. Adjustable brightness, long life, compact size. What's not to like?

Problem I always had with Maglights was that they're so heavy that if you drop it, the weight kills the bulb. Their LED versions may be better, but why tote around a monster like that when a single AA in a modern LED like the Nitecore can turn night into day?

I use the Pelican stuff for night diving- and they hold up pretty well and throw a decent amount of light if you need an ABS body, rather than metal. The power of the Nitecore stuff is not be believed though- you won't be disappointed.
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