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Originally Posted by Bert Fox
I bought an 08 FJR last year in Nov. I am kind of bored with it and want something lighter. My dealer gave up the KTM street line and has a new leftover SD he will trade me for my FJR with 22,000 miles. I have a 34" inseam and it sounds like the SD is one of the better fits for guys with long legs. I am thinking of putting Pirelli Scorpion Syncs on after I wear out the stockers. I'll never do a track day but I might throw my Giant Loop bags on and take a dirt/gravel road out here in the NV outback...

I like my 07, it works pretty well on the track and is a real hooligan machine for the streets.
I only have a 30 in. inseam and the SD is a bit tall.
KTM always seems to build their bikes for the taller people.
the bike isn't bad comfort wise, I have ridden a 400 mile day on it but its no FJR.

Tire wise I really am liking the Bridgestone BT 016's they worked great on the track and still seem to be wearing well on the street.

Somebody asked about the subframe on the SD and SDR, I believe they are totally different. I think you can buy a kit to turn your SD into a SDR tailsection, don't remember where I have seen that.

The SDR seat is known to be a real pain in the ass, literally.
I know has a Renazaco SDR seat listed on their website.

Ran into a guy at the dealer with an SDR and he had redone his seat, said the stocker was unbearable for him.
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