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Originally Posted by docgonzo
Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but the game didn't start out as a relay across America. Certainly, we could play it that way, and just call ahead to a frlend in Terre Haute, Indiana, and arrange the handoff. Nothing wrong with that kinda game. Alas, this one didn't start that way.

A TOR type game, even with a mascot, is supposed to include a little sleuthing to figure out where the tag is located, a ride, and the excitement of getting there before someone else. Handoffs eliminate two out of three of the attractions to the game.
I kinda feel the same about this, It's at least a prerequesite to show a freaking picture of the handoff, and simply post it up saying you are giving it up to them and relenquishing the tag placement to them...and making sure all the players know who is carrying the tag's kind of a bogus way to do this seeing as all the folks who have searched out the tag, and carried the egg (and the chicken, and BLOCHEAD, remember blockhead?) all were playing the game, not just grabbing the sucker and passing it off....

oh well, I expect the people on the west coast are all gung ho on the idea, as they benefit from it.
I figger BlinkyFluid might have other feelings on how this digressed....

long live the egg....

It's just bogus to see someone walk in, without reading how the freakin game is played, and dust it off royal....

happens in every t-o-r, and now it's happened here.

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