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Originally Posted by MAN OF BLUES
It's kind of a bogus way to do this seeing as all the folks who have searched out the tag, and carried the egg (and the chicken, and BLOCHEAD, remember blockhead?) all were playing the game, not just grabbing the sucker and passing it off....
Hey, don't forget the duck that RedPower ran off with!

Confirmation of the find and the new rider with bike was an essential part of the game.

Why, you could even conceive of a tag transport with a trailer and bike all the way to Canada, for instance. Or just a motorcycle mirror for the photo.

I think it is time to restore some standardization to the game. Egg moved to new location. New "getter" has to find the new location, and ride there with a motorcycle. New "gotter" takes the tag to a new location 0N HIS/HER MOTORCYCLE!
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