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Originally Posted by dump-a-thump
Lets take a moment to reflect on what the oil in a WR450 will look like at 25hrs.....

And now lets pause for a moment to visualize the effort involved with replacing said oil while in the back of beyond....

And finally, while on our seattle to fairbanks tour, shall we consider the piston replacement somewhere on the dempster?

Rally bike? Absolutely. With service every night, an extra $10k in body mods... hell, I have a G450x if you want to go that route. But the lightness and performance come at a price. Its like comparing a 525 and LC4, wildly different beasts. And one's an adventure bike, the other is a weekend toy for the local trails.
The oil on the Yamaha is easy to change. One bolt to drain and one to fill. I could handle that in the woods.

Check and see how many hours people put on these bikes. I think you'd be surprised how far past the recommended amount by the Yamaha manual.

The trannys lack of 6th gear sucks but the durability is proven for long rides. There is a thread right now with a WR needing it's first valve adjustment at 160 hours. That is a long ride weekend trail ride.
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