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Originally Posted by rulbe
You are correct! We tried to keep the tag moving from the east to the west and traveling Mr Egg to Stagecoach was a great idea by Bill. I am sure some photos of the hand off pickup will be posted. It was a quick turn a round to keep Mr Egg moving the the great WEST. Mac is a person that travels from west coast to the east so who better to keep the tag moving. I know the rules are important but let's give the guys on the west coast a chance to move MR Egg.
I am all for keeping the tag moving and am OK with a hand off too. This issue lies with lack of a photo, nothing more.

Maybe the questions best asked are of Silver and they are;
1. If it was a straight up hand off and you have pic posting ability, why did you not post the pic?

2. If it was not a straight up hand off, why no pic of the drop?

One question for Motpmac.

1. If you are aware of and playign the game why not at least tell us you have the mascot and will post a pic shortly?
Yea, whatever.
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