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Originally Posted by SilverSTreak91

1. If it was a straight up hand off and you have pic posting ability, why did you not post the pic?

I took the pic I posted and handed off the egg to Motomac 10 minutes later as I was preparing to leave. He rolled his bike over to get his photo as I pulled out.

2. If it was not a straight up hand off, why no pic of the drop?

One question for Motomac.

1. If you are aware of and playign the game why not at least tell us you have the mascot and will post a pic shortly?

He was headed out for a hard run back to San Diego. He posted on the ST Owners on his 1st stop that he was having Wi-Fi issues so couldn't post pix. He should get home today and I sent him a message to please post the pick-up photo asap. With 91,607 miles this year (at that is before his trip back to San Diego) he spends far more time in the saddle than most of us so let's give him a break ok?
I have been following this drama since the egg was picked up in Florida...I think some of you FF's were a little quick on the draw on whining about the rules...Shit happens on the road so we should at least give whoever picks up the egg the benefit of the doubt until they post.

Anyone who puts 90,000+ miles on in a year has my respect!
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