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Originally Posted by dirtymartini
I have been following this drama since the egg was picked up in Florida...I think some of you FF's were a little quick on the draw on whining about the rules...Shit happens on the road so we should at least give whoever picks up the egg the benefit of the doubt until they post.

Anyone who puts 90,000+ miles on in a year has my respect!
Ok, so the guy rides 90K a year. I'll give him an A+ for that, but the issue is that the game has rules, plain and simple. If he could post a statement on the ST forum, there is no reason he could not have posted here that he had the mascot, but could not get pics to loud up.

I guess I am just one of the FF's in that I feel the game should be played by the established rules.

Carry on.

Any FFs out there planning a trip to the softball park to make an official grab? The way I see it, seeing that there is no drop shot and until such time as Motomac makes a post saying he has the Egg then the previous location is up for grabs.
Yea, whatever.
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