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Got to page one and read the rules. I have posted #4 and the first part of #5 below to make it easier.

Your sited example is a bit far fetched because;. if someone that wanted to play the game actually read the rules he/she would know going into it that a posting must be made with in 12 hours of the first "bruced" photo. They could actually have the mascot for weeks until such time as a "bruced" shot was posted. The problem right now is that we are in limbo as the current mascot holder has not placed a grab shot AND Silver has not placed a drop shot. If someone were to post a "bruced" shot of the softball field the 12 hour countdown clock begins.

Is it a technicality, maybe, but then again the rules of the game were established for a reason.

BLINKERFLUID, paging BLINKERFLUID - How about an addition to the rules stating handoffs MUST include a photo of the exchange.

#4 Tag mascot (i.e. blockhead, chicken, etc.) is required to clame the tag. Please post your "bruced" pictures even if the tag mascot has already been taken. Tag claims must be posted within 12 hours of the 1st "bruced" photo. In the even no official tag claim is made within 12 hours, the person with the 1st "bruced" photo gets the tag and the honor of choosing the next Tag mascot. (does that make any sense??)

#5 Read the Rules, understand the intent of the game.
Yea, whatever.
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