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Hey Lucas!

I changed the muffler on my bike to a GSXR750 can and shaved like 7 lbs. And its cheap! Love the deep tone that it gave!

Here is a pic...

Originally Posted by LukasM
Oh yeah, as usual when I am bored and away from the garage, I have been doing more parts shopping.

I would like to go with a short exhaust that goes up behind the rear fuel tank at a steep angle, like this:

Since the original KTM rally exhaust is very expensive, hard to find used, and heavy, I went another way. I now have two options to go with:

-First is a MIVV GP carbon can off an R6. It's very light and short, but unfortunately missing the "E" marking to be street legal for visual inspections.

- The second is a Remus Revolution titanium can off an unkwown bike. It is "E" marked, has a removable DB-killer and is also very light, but it would have to be shortened since it's way too long in it's current form. Good thing is that the sound will probably pretty good after that even with the DB-killer in, so less hassle with the police.

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