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Did you get it yet? You're going to love that bike. I picked up an '08 two months ago at nearly half off of MSRP. I still can't believe the Super Duke can now be had for the price of an SV650. The bike is so smooth and easy to ride it's ridiculous. It's got to be one of the best performance bikes designed for the street (not the track) out there. It has perfect ergos, power, handling, and braking for fast street riding and it's so user friendly I swear it's as easy to ride as my Dad's Versys.......just faster. When I bought mine the one reservation I had was the throttle snatchiness I'd read so much about online. When I actually rode the bike however I found quite the opposite. The throttle response is so smooth and precise it makes the bike an absolute joy to ride in nearly any condition, in town, out of town, country roads, wherever. I had even read one account where a guy said he was fearful just trying to negotiate a parking lot due to the dreaded throttle snatch. He must have been kidding around though because we can't be talking about the same bike. Sorry to ramble on so but again I think you're really going to love this bike!

Since this is my first post here I'd also like to say "Hi" and mention how appreciative I am to be a part of such a great rider's forum!


Originally Posted by jcarlson9
Well should be picking up my 08 sd tomarrow,I'll post some pics when I get it
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