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Originally Posted by munchmeister
I'm not so sure a steadicam is the answer, even if you could fabricate one. A steadicam is designed to eliminate the ups and downs caused by walking with your camera. The vibrations from the bike are high frequency vibes, the ones you feel in your grip. Just about anything that is secured to the bike is going to have the bike's vibrations transferred.
Youre absolutely right, and I agree it may not work, but my line of thinking was that the added weight would help, like bar end weights do. Nothing big, just a couple hundred grams and a couple inches high. Of course it would still have to be rubber mounted. The brake fluid resevoir is supposedly designed to reduce the vibes getting to it and it appears to work in the same way.
I have my hero stuck to the plastic rad shroud, and get very little there, so i think it depends a lot on the particular bike.

My handheld HD video cam, which has an optical image stabilizer, doesnt like vibrations either, I think it actually makes it worse in some cases, but i havent tried it on the bike.

The little orange rubber piece is a lock. After you snap the camera to a base, it squishes in the clip to prevent it from opening. the ring stretches over the thumbscrew so you do lose it.
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