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Originally Posted by thewall67
I'm sure I'm missing something basic here and it is driving me nuts. I created a gpx file. I can view it fine in MapSource. I transfered it via MapSource to my SD card and installed the SD card in my GPS device. On the device (Garmin Vista HCx) I can see the gpx file in Tracks | Setup | Data Card Setup in a folder named garmin/GPX. The file name is userdata.gpx. BUT how do I actually see that track on a map on the device???
That's not the way to load stuff to the eTrex series. The only thing on the card is maps and any .gpx files the unit saves if you have "Log track to data card" selected under track setup. You can't view these on the GPS, only download them to your computer. There's no point in loading a raw .gpx file to the card.

Open your file and send the waypoints/tracks/routes to the GPS using the "Send to device" icon. These items are stored in internal memory, not on the card. I *think* the same limits as my 60Cx apply - 20 tracks of up to 500 points each, "follow roads" autoroutes can be 50 points max.
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