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Not the best bike for long ADV pavement, but will handle the dirt perfectly. All the garbage about checking valves, new piston, daily oil change, blah blah blah, is just that Garbage. I know several people including myself who have ran, or currently run WR450's from 2003-2006's. Not a single one of them ever replaced a piston, a few checked the valves maybe once twice at the most.
Highest mileage one is a 03 with 15k running stock piston, valves, oil changed every 500-1000 miles. Regularly rode on pavement, and flogged hard it's entire life. Never ran on pavement for more then a couple hours straight, but dirt ridden all day often.
Too much maintenance and screwing with shit only leads to trouble.
Only concern I would have is long hours 4+ hours of constant highway speeds/RPM's with stock gearing. If it can be re-geared (im in that process now) to run at highway speeds 70-80mph at decent RPM I would have little worry.
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