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I agree with above...all this talk about oil/maintenance is rubbish with the WR series. The WR's have great engines that require minimal tweaking. I did the TAT on my WR250F, with a 6.6 Gallon acerbis, Giant Loop bag, with a few mods for gearing and carb/exhaust. I had no problems with the engine and oil use. I changed my oil once in Colorado, and then just kept going til the end.

I had a few bolts work themselves loose and the spokes in the rear wheel loosened up. The fork seals got filled with fine sand, so I was cleaning them with a tear off on the trail to keep them sealed, but it never really stopped the slow drip. The 6.6 gallon tank I thought was too big, all that fuel put alot of weight on the front end and the bike would plow through the sand. The good thing about the tank was it covered the radiators to help with the crashing...... I lost the knob from my trip odometer also.....

The seat SUCKED the first 5 days but I got used to it.
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