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Originally Posted by RichardU
I'm not sure how that will work since the camera won't fit into the case/holder with anything attached to the back. In most cases, you really don't need a viewfinder because of the wide-angle lens. I was skeptical of that until I tried it.

As for the small icons, you don't need to see them either unless you are changing modes. If you stay in the same mode all the time, you only need one button to turn the camera on/off and the other button to start/stop recording.
I'm not sure how it will work either. From the looks of things, it would be used when you are off bike and you open your case and plug it in and review your just taken videos. Otherwise, I agree, it may be of dubious value.

Yes, wide angle is fine for framing your shots as long as you know the camera is filming. The teeny weensy light and the icons just are too damned small to tell you anything at all. They might as well not be there in my view. I'd just like to see something that you could actually SEE that gives you some idea of battery life and whether you are filming. The ContourHD has these things, e.g. a 3 way light for battery power (full, low, gone) and a light that you can SEE that tells you, you are filming. Anyway, just adding my thoughts. A lot of folks seem to be interested in videoing rides (like me) and like to have as much info as possible before spending their cash. My main idea was for video documentation of the longer trips I take so my particular needs might be a lot different from a dirt rider who is more interested in capturing a couple of hours, then heading home to transfer video.

What I am really looking for, for my purposes, is a small digital video recorder that I can plug my Sony bullet camera into, and record the ride. That way I can put the bullet camera on my helmet or mounted on the bike and put a small DVR or Handycam in the tankbag. I have a Sony Handycam that uses MiniDV tapes but would like to find one with SD card capability that has an "AV in" port. Anybody got ideas for one of those?
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