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OK so it's still freezing ass cold here, so there has been little riding. To compensate I have been farkeling!

First I replaced this rubber plug:

With a proper screw to avoid it blowing off during a backfire:

Next came the Old Fat Guy Racing radiator guards. These things are a breeze to in stall and seem quite sturdy:

While I had the forks off to slip some fork gators on I greased the steering stem bearing. In all truth Husky does a great job from the factory. I was quite impressed. Opposite from my old Honda which had a Q-Tip dab a Vaseline on all the bearing the Husky was properly greased, even the chain adjusters had anti-seize on them.

Next I decided to install some grip heaters and some rally grips. I wanted to try something new this time to compensate for the lack of insulation on the clutch side. I had some foil duct tape laying around so I first put one thin wrap of electrical tape on the handlebar, then covered that with the aluminum foil:

On top of that went the grip heaters:

and then the rally grips:

After the grips came the Cycra Pro Hand guards. These went on pretty easily. The only caveat is that on the TE models the inboard mounts are really close to the ignition key and make it difficult to turn the key.

You can see here how close the mount is to the ignition block:

I love the look:

Here is my favorite piece of Bling:

Now that is a work of art:

Stuck a bit of foam between the frame and the skid plate to dampen sound:

Here is the muffler shied:

I also wrapped the pipe w/ some wrap and put a bit of heat tile on the air box:

The uncorked TE510 exhaust is way too loud for trail riding so in goes the Husky dB Killer:

Still sounds pretty nice, but cut the sound way down to a manageable level:

Gotta have some decent foot pegs too:
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