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To run the heated grips and the HID lighting I ran some heavy gage wire from the battery to the headlight area. I also installed pig tail on the battery to hook up the electric vest or the battery tender when parked.

Here you can see the red & black wires running up the frame:

and back to the headlight:

Here is the Bi Xenon HID ballast and electronics stashed behind the number plate. This is a temp set up to see how the HID works in the stock reflector and how durable the Bi-Xenon is in off road terrain.

There are a lot of wire to stash somewhere:

Here is where I tucked away the relay for the heated grips:

I wanted to install the TE610 rear rack sub-frame w/ a ProMoto rack, but the 2010 TE510 has a different rear fender which incorporates the new LED brake light. The LED light mount interferes w/ the rack support and keeps it from sitting flush:

TE610 Rack support:

I got rid of the silly rear mudflap/license plate mount and went with this:

I also picked this up hoping it will help the fuel injection better adapt to the typical 6000ft elevation change one encounters daily while riding in Colorado:

Not much space to fit all this on the TE. Here is how I stashed everything in the right side panel:

Next is the 3 gallon IMS tank. I chose clear even though it's ugly as sin for two reasons:

1- I can visually check the fuel level.

2- The lighter color keeps the fuel cooler. I have had issues in the past w/ black tanks.

The tank was full of plastic shavings from the factory and needed to be flushed out. Here it is drying in the kitchen:

Everything mounted up easily on the tank and I made sure I did the fuel pump mod to keep it from popping out of place.

I'm a bit disappointed by the tank.

First I wish it were a bit bigger, somewhere in the 4 to 4.5 gallon range would be ideal.

Two I'm really pissed that it will not fit the OEM tank shrouds. They are what give the bike its look. W/out them the bike looks naked/unfinished.

I ordered a second set of shrouds which I will attempt to mount to the tank. We'll see how that goes when I get around to it.

Even the radiator shrouds have to be trimmed from this:

To this to fit:

I also took the time to measure the fuel capacity of the tank in .5 gal increments. You can see the fuel level marking on the tank:

Here she is all buttoned up and ready to ride.

As soon as the temps break the 40F mark I'll take it for a proper spin and write a report.

That's all I got for now.
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