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Originally Posted by 02TAC
Yes, moving Mr. Egg clear across the country is great, but if he is now stuck in a location with good riding weather and not moving..............

Moto, if it does not move soon, I'll send you an address.
This needed to be quoted...


Aren't there enough tag games out east to keep you guys busy?
It takes time for a game like this to grow in a new area. You can give the inmates out west time to gain more players, or be selfish and demand that it gets returned. Wouldn't it be better to let it grow?

As for the rules:
If a player didn't break the rules on purpose, and didn't gain anything in the process, any reasonable person would excuse that. Like a hand off to move the egg where many people suggested it should go, or the wrong date in your camera appearing like a file photo...These should, and have, gotten a pass. (eventually, after way too much whining and unnecessary postings)

? ? ? But, mail tag ? ? ? ? ? ? Really ? ? ?
Is mail tag what the guys that started this really intended?

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