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Originally Posted by MAN OF BLUES
Hey Mac, sorry for piling the doo on ya, you did fine taking it out there, and I thank you...
It's up to the rest of the inmates out there to pick up the game, and seeing as I posted to get them aware of it in thier respective zone, just sit back and wait....
if it takes a month, so be it.
Just a suggestion that we go to the thread I posted over there and bump it when it gets low on the list.....
I have talked with all 3 inmates that live in Chula Vista and they are busy with JOBS, painting girl friends condos, and ... I did get a PM from a guy in FL/MO who will be out here in 2 weeks and says if it is still here, he'll take it back to FL with him. The picture is what we had to deal with out here yesterday!!!
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