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Finally got out for a ride today. Did a nice street/dirt road loop covering approximately 120 miles. The bike averaged 41MPG, which is not too bad since I did a bit of spirited canyon carving.

Will be interesting to see what the MPG drops to in real dirt.

The bike runs great and has a nice smooth power-band. It reminds me a lot of my old XR650R. The biggest difference is in the vibrations. The Old BRP was electric smooth, while the Husky is pretty vibey. I can really feel it through the foot pegs and seat. I'm hoping it will smooth out a bit once the engine breaks in properly.

The power delivery is almost electric. Very linear, unlike the 525s and 530s I have ridden which have a bit more snap off the line.

The seat is atrocious and will be redone shortly.

The exhaust with the DB killer inserted sounds just right. On the other hand the intake snarl is really loud and can be heard through earplugs.

So far I love the bike. Lots of fun to ride!
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