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Originally Posted by terracruz
So, I'm actually relatively new to serious back-country riding, but I have done a bit of mountaineering and back-country skiing and plenty of other sports in the back-country.
In these other sports like back-country skiing I've learned how to make a sled to carry your buddy out and the like. So, using gear at hand to find a solution.

Are there any gear-at-hand kind of solutions for when your riding buddy get's messed up in the back-country and his bike has to be left behind?

A couple of things that come to my mind are the following: (using parts from buddie's bike)
-use one or more tubes (partially inflated) from the tires to help create a stabalization mechanism, possibly a cast or something similar
-use some of the various tubing off of your buddies bike to make a tracheotome
-use the seat and some rope to create a neck/back brace

So, key problem with my ideas so far. No, easy way to haul out the messed up riding buddy. I guess two people would have to crash then I could build a rickshaw and make brshooter pull it.
if its just you and your buddy riding you might be from wyoming, and even though you think that you cant quit him...

I would think you got to stabalize him the best u can and leave him, so u can ride for help...
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