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Originally Posted by ferg you sun
if its just you and your buddy riding you might be from wyoming, and even though you think that you cant quit him...

I would think you got to stabalize him the best u can and leave him, so u can ride for help...
I've been waiting for a gay cowboy reference from that show that came out a couple of years a go. Always thought it was an interesting choice to claim those gay cowboys in the movie were in WY given the Matthew Sheppard situation years a go.

While there's some sheep in WY today in UT there is far more of those fucki*& stick figure family stickers which I don't get at all. I guess that way a pedophile has a readily available check list to use to be sure he gets all the kids. Welcome to Utah where bishops and and boy-scout leaders get an easy check list. Much easier than catching a sheep with those damn velcro gloves.

Starskey, if you are lurking let me know how many sessions that training requires?
I better start getting trained and geared up as spring will probably sneak up on me.
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