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Originally Posted by ThirdCoast
It was the Alaska report, people are still lusting for you to finish it. But you also had a nice report from Mexico I think, that was you. I recognized some of the places you went, but you went during a flood.
Yeah, I know. Believe me I feel guilty but it turned out to be very time consuming and times what I'm short on at the moment.

The Mexico trip was a blast. We got in a bind trying to close the loop through Tabares when a couple of bikes got drowned out in a river crossing (one of them terminally). Then, just when you we thought things couldn't get any worse, we got turned back, about 15 miles southwest of Batopilas by AK-47 toting bandits

Tourmeister might recognise the fella in the blue.

The bottom six shots on page 12 are actually short MPEG movies, one of a rider going in the drink

Link To Page 12
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