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Howdy All,

In another life time decades ago, I used to be a journeyman Machinist of the old school, always hated working with lathes but consider myself a pretty damned good man with a mill. I still keep my hand in the trade working with this little old Jet bench mill, the mill was made in the early 70's and for its size if you don't push it hard it will do some decent work. Here I have it setup to mill the clearance for a V-Belt on the front cover of an experimental Ural engine.

I would like to have a small lathe just for some of the projects that I work on in the garage, something with a 4-6 inch swing and around 24 inches between centers would be perfect. If anyone in the Nor-Wet has such a critter at a reasonable price please contact me.
Dave, aka "Mr. Cob"

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