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Originally Posted by Bake
Former job used silicone-bronze for tooling pins, with sizes ranging from .625 to 4.0, mostly for weld jigs; tube assemblies. I didn't care much for cutting it either, it just didn't seem like it was happy no matter what speed you ran it. On our WW2 lathe, cutting more than .015 made such a hideous squeal the boss would complain
Any of the chrome moly's-4140, 4150, 4130, machine so fine. I think 4130 is God's own steel. Beautiful stuff to work with.
I did alot of A2..lots...because it heat treats up and grinds so nice after HT. Almost all of our pierce blank and form dies used it.

No surface grinders out there? The big ones usually come in from ship yards and oil field stuff. The little ones are nice. You can put on a really nice flat surface with them, nearly polished surface. Best machine going to milk a job

we have three surface grinders. and a couple od and an id grinder.
i ran an 84" blanchard for awhile. fuck that noise. thats like work with sweat an stink an all tied together.

I really like acraloy and "super acra...4130. a lot. and even hastealoy. everyone else bitch's but i think it runs true than 8620 or 1045 and chips justas well with the right F&S.
the weld abilitly is sometimes a bitch but with a good preheat and temper it works just fine.
and the a,2-a,3 stock mills so nice. none of that gumby endmill killer muck.
h13 is nice too... soft 36r? but still takes a HT very nice and doesn't tweek so bad.
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