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Originally Posted by Ant Ware
Yeah, I know. Believe me I feel guilty but it turned out to be very time consuming and times what I'm short on at the moment.

The Mexico trip was a blast. We got in a bind trying to close the loop through Tabares when a couple of bikes got drowned out in a river crossing (one of them terminally). Then, just when you we thought things couldn't get any worse, we got turned back, about 15 miles southwest of Batopilas by AK-47 toting bandits Link To Page 12
Don't feel guilty, we understand really. Ya gotta have time to take care of busness and time to ride. The posting is comes way down the line from that.

Those pictures were awsome, you just love to feel other people's pain... is that it? What kind of camera do you recomend. I have a Nikon 35mm right now but looking to go digital.

We didn't have any bandit problem. We came in the back way to Bathopilas from Creel. Took us two days to get there, hit Saltivo before Bathopilas... is that the way you are talking about? Leaving out we went back not through Saltivo, but the normal way in (only two ways in and out). Going out the gravel road was very easy and pavement most of the way back to Creel. If you came in the back way HATS OFF TO YOU, don't see how you did the river crossings after the rain. They were tough enough for us at low water levels! We had a four wheel drive truck drown out it's distributer, but no bikes down in the water. Dropped my bike twice on the switchbacks. It was my very first dirt ride experience and on a 1150GS. Is that a good thing?
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