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So I finally got to put some real off-road miles on the bike.

Me likes:

The bike is great and handles better than the XR. It feels more nimble and maneuverable, where as the BRP and that rock solid straight line speed, just what it was designed for in Baja, but was a bit of a brute in the tight stuff.

Power delivery on the EFI TE510 is nice an linear. At first it feels like it's laking a bit compared to the snap of a carbed bike, but once you get in the dirt the smooth, electric like power delivery is great. It really helps put the traction down.

On a side not the EOM Karoo-II's are awful. The rear is OK and does a decent job, but the font is abysmal and tends to wash out really badly. I plan on putting some real dirt rubber on there soon. I'm initially thinking of trying out the Maxxis IT Desert Tires. I'll put those on before I go to White Wash in March.

The vibes are still there, but you hardly notice them when riding off road and on terrain like this:

Suspension wise I'm digging the bike. The forks are still a bit stiff, but they are still not fully broken in. Even so they are working much better on the rocks than the professionally re-valved forks I had on the BRP. I wonder if this is due to the steel vs. aluminum frame of the two bikes. The BRP would just beat me up on the rocks, while the TE seems pretty smooth.

The only issue I had was the bike running a bit hot. Temps were around 60F and the fan stayed on most of the time. Granted it was rocky 1st and 2nd gear two track I was doing.

Here are a few more pics from the days ride:

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