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Originally Posted by ADVwanaB
A85 incident again ..this is what happens when car-driving tourists stop in the middle of the road, without indicating ..and dither over whether to pull into a layby or not!

i felt bad for Glen and Sara, until about page 8 where you basically tell the world you are an irresponsible rider riding at illegal speeds and have a police officer with you as well.
Not that i have never done it myself however through the twisty s, you should know better and have control over your bike. It sounds to me like it was not the tourists fault.
You never know what will happen, and guess what,, shit happens.
my guess is you were blasting around and when the tourist stopped,,, Glen and Sara couldn't.
A stray dog could have killed you just as easily.
geez... I think somebody got some pee-soaked wheaties this morning...
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