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Originally Posted by Farioli
Interesting........" it seems that Depres goes to......."
You mean..."returns to"

True, or not...I'm having a hard time believing BMW will continue to throw money into the 450X development pit now that Husky is "part of the family." From what I've seen of their record so far...I sure as heck wouldn't touch a 450 Beemer for rally work with a 10' pole . Too fragile.

My guess is that the 450X will go the way of the a historical footnote (albeit an expensive one) in BMW's history.

The Husky...IMO... all it lacks is a 6th gear which I'm sure the factory boys could manage. Otherwise, those bikes have very sturdy engines in them.

KTM...although their 450 performance/reliability in rally work is questionable...KTM is like the "Windows" version of rally bike. So many of them out there that it's hard to use something else when there are so many parts and service groups out there based on KTM.

By-the-by...what ever happened to Gas Gas's rally effort? They had a couple guys entered last year...DNF'd with bike problems as I recall. I'm sure Gas Gas is hurting with the economy as well, but their 450 Desert bike is available. I guess in the end the market decides and it looks like nobody has faith in the Gasser.

...and what about BETA? With a new (and reportedly great) 450 engine of their own might they not want to take a stab at the Dakar. I know there were several of them (KTM powered) in the Tuareg and they seem to be popular in the EU. The ones I've seen here are impressive. Maybe not a full-on factory effort...but if I was putting something together and could get some parts/service help out of them...I'd certainly look at them.

To me...if I was making a bid for the Dakar on a shoestring budget...I'd do it on a bike that was a few years old. You could pick up three used ones for the same price...or cheaper than...a new rally kitted bike. Bingo...instant spares including engines. Speaking of Husabergs Garry...I could pick up three "old school" 2008 FE450's here for probably $12K. I was leery of going with the Berg initially...but the thing 's been bullet proof. I'd turn (3)'07/'08 FE450's into a Dakar run in a heartbeat.
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