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Originally Posted by ThirdCoast
What type of bike got drowned out in the river? Guy from work is talking me into the KLR650 due to lack of sofisticated electronics. You could dry it out and be back on the trail. What ya think?
It was a GS1100. Didn't get the engine cut off as it went over so it sucked water down the intake, hydrolocking the motor. We drained the airbox and exhaust, pulled the plugs and cranked the water outta the cylinders but couldn't get it to fire. The starter housing was broken and if I remember correctly there were a couple of electrical issues which meant no matter how long we had stayed there this thing wasn't going out under it's own power. We eventually got the bike to Austin where IronDawg got it sorted out.

Like I said, it was a collective fubar, there's no reason that river wasn't doable regardless of bike, although there was a fella there on a KLR that made it across 3 times

Here's the original trip report LINK
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