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[quote=AllBlackPearl]Makes sense!
One thing you've got to have if you do photos that way is a bunch of fellows you absolutely trust. Riding in between the other bikes at full speed with only one hand (shame on you, bad boy!) - the others have to know that and react according to it. But from what I can see you have good company on your ride-outs. Seems like a really cool group.
Have you ever been to Switzerland & the Alps? If not (or if yes, you can't be here too often) - I wanna see those bikes parked at my place!
We got a bunch of pretty amazing roads and loads of even more amazing scenery in the neighbourhood..

Anyways, we have to get a camera like this (the Nikon is just too big for these purposes) and then we will hopefully be able to shoot some nice pics as well. Advantage in our case: My beloved live navigation system is riding with me, reading the map on my back - so why not taking photos as well. We gotta try this.

Thanks again for the thread, makes my day!


Thanks .. I'm really pleased that you like the pics so much. I do ride with folk that have ridden with me for years but also with some folk that I have only just met..I don't expect them to make allowances for me riding one handed - it is my responsibility to not 'screw up' and get in anyone's way ..and so far it has worked well ... as long as the speed is not too far into 'triple digits' I find I can now ride as well with one hand as with two.

No, I haven't been to the Alps, but know from friends who have that it is pretty amazing I must get over there before too long. It is on my list of places still to go. I have ridden in mainland europe several times including trips to the south of France, Andorra and Spain. My last trip was when a group of us rode down to Barcelona to watch the MotoGP... few pics from the ride :-

French Motorway toll.. the motorways are boring - but it's a quick way to move if you have many miles to cover in a short time.

The mountain roads through Andorra are amazing

Many of the small French towns and villages are stunning ...

I have a shedload of pics from our trip which I might try and put on a new thread sometime (don't want to mix things up too much on this thread which is about riding in Scotland ).

If I do get over to the Alps ..yes, I will get in touch and look you up if we are in the area. Thanks for the kind offer.
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