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Originally Posted by Heyload
There used to be a fellow just south of Altus, Oklahoma, that had a few acres of old iron..'40's, 50's and 60's, a few '70's model cars and trucks. It all sat there.....and sat there......and sat there. He wouldn't sell anything, would run you off if you stopped to ask or inquire. Never could figure out just what he wanted to accomplish by that. Eventually, he died or was put in a home or something. His son commenced to sell it all off, but by that time it was all pretty worthless, rusted, unsalvageable junk. I think there were a few gems to still be had, but the rest pretty much got sold as scrap metal. There was a late 60's Plymouth musclecar that had a tree that grew up through it!

Damned waste. Just can't figure folks like that.
Two or three years ago I went to a place on the other side of Oklahoma (All I remember is we went through Tulsa to get there) once with a buddy looking for parts for his 59 Fleetside. We had no idea what we were about to see. This guy's personal parts stash consisted of literally hundreds of American cars from the 40-70s, mostly 50s. He let us just walk around and check it all out on our own. It was pretty neat but sad at the same time, lots of piles of rust that used to be some really cool cars.
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