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Originally Posted by A-Bone

Nice work David.... I finally had the hour and a half to sit down and read this thread while Cindy & Lauren were out tonight..... It's like finally seeing the movie you've been waiting months to see...

oh and nice work with the hot chicks too... I like where you head is at...

So tell me.... there were no K12LTs to rent???? or at least something in orange say in the 950cc range????
At 25+ years, we're definitely at the "function above form" stage...hence the chubby cheek shot of Carla. Notice I didn't put any of those of me in...and there were some.
Thanks for the attaboy, thats always appreciated.
As far as the size of the bike...I got raised eyebrows everytime I told people how big the DR was. Very unusual to see anything as big as that even. The only big bikes I saw anywhere, were on the Pan American hwy, and I could count them on one hand.

Hope your project is going well. Gotta stop by and give you some manual labor if you need it.
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