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Originally Posted by whizzerwheel
At 25+ years, we're definitely at the "function above form" stage...hence the chubby cheek shot of Carla. Notice I didn't put any of those of me in...and there were some.
Thanks for the attaboy, thats always appreciated.
As far as the size of the bike...I got raised eyebrows everytime I told people how big the DR was. Very unusual to see anything as big as that even. The only big bikes I saw anywhere, were on the Pan American hwy, and I could count them on one hand.

Hope your project is going well. Gotta stop by and give you some manual labor if you need it.
I notice you almost cropped yourself out of the swimming-in-the-ocean pic...

As far as the size of the bikes: You've got to figure if the biggest roads through most of a country are what we would consider side roads here, then what do you need a big ass bike for??? Remember on that ride out through Actworth to go grab the NH tag in So West NH last year, the 12GS got sideways on you right where the pavement switched to gravel on a corner with no warning... I'm guessing that at that moment a 650 or smaller would have been a whole lot easier to get back in line than a full size monster.... Way to keep it up though...

The pharmacy is comming along... should be open by the end of next month... I hope... I may rope you into some labor intensive task one of these days.... you've been warned... Do you have a mobile pressure washer with a heating element at the shop???
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