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I worked in a Yamaha shop in 1973.

When new, the TX750 was a very nice motorcycle. We had a demonstrator, and I rode it alot. Smooth and torquey, with a very nice seat. I thought it was nice looking, too.

The 1973's did have a defect. The crankcase was porus in the area of the timing cavity, so oil would seep in & destroy the points. Yamaha had a recall on these, and were SWAPPING CASES on every one they could get back.

With this recall, their reputation was ruined. Yamaha had a tough time selling the 1974 TX750s, even though the defect was fixed.

I also heard that they would froth the oil in extended high-speed runs, and blow up. I've never seen one do this, but my sample was quite small.

Tom in Salem
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