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What can turn you into a Hoarder? Crap like this.....

1976; Saved a 1965 396 Impala SS from being crushed (they were loading it onto the truck to go to the crusher when I bought it from the junkyard). Sold it 6 mos later. A year later I find out that guy left it sitting on a city street when he moved. It got towed, he never retrived it from the pound. It got crushed anyway.

1981; Found a 1958 Willys FC-170 with 32,000 miles in a barn. I get it running and sell it. A year later, the guy gets hooked on Crack and gets himself killed while making a buy in East Saint Louis. His dad puts it in his barn (won't sell it). Then Dad dies and last I heard "the daughter had it hauled off".

1984; I sell my Chopped Hardtail 1970 Honda 750. Four years later I'm at at some guys house workin' a deal to swap a PERFECT '50 Dodge Wayfarer Businessman's Coupe for a '70 Monte Carlo and some cash. There sits my old chopper with no tires on it. Under a pine tree. On it's side.
"Yeah, I bought it from so-in-so. I needed the tires for sumthin' else. I'll get back to it someday."

I give the the '70 Monte to a gal I was dating at the time. We break up. It sits for a couple of years, and I buy it back for $150 (what they were going to give her for scrap). I get it running (again) and sell it to..... a guy who wrecks it a week later.

And the PERFECT '50 Dodge? THAT guy decides he's gonna' do a Custom. Chops the top off, strips all the trim off, guts the interior.....
and then shoves it under that same big pine tree.
Right next to my old chopper.

In '93 I sell my 2nd favorite car. 1965 Riviera, 425 Single 4-barrel, factory vinyl top, rare color/options car. Needed quarter panels, paint, and some interior work, but was my Daily Driver. I sell it cheap to a body man who is hot-to-trot to Restore it.
3 years later some gal cals my work. "My's boyfriend bought your old car from so-and-so buts the title's all messed up. Can you help?" Sure, for money. Later when I talk to boyfriend, I figure out that he makes his money as a "retail recreational pharmaceutical stimulants salesman" and he's letting a pit bull live in it "to help guard on it" while he "learns how to use that Bondo stuff".

And those are just my Favorite Stories. I got more.

Now, in all of these transactions, I made money. But I actallly LIKE cool cars/bikes. And it just kills me to see them get wasted like that.

So someday I'm buyin' a place with LOTS of BIG barns, fillin' them up, and then I'm NOT SELLING ANYTHING TO ANYBODY!!!!

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