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Originally Posted by Sancho Panza
Any more shots of the Maserati interior and and exterior (more to love an loath). I get it when I bought this house it came with 2 combat wombats. As an idiot I gave them to a neighbor kid to get running long story short he turned out to be a little shit and wrecked them.
My father is getting up in years and he will drive his stuff until one day the battery is dead, or rough run, etc. then it sits...I used to keep all my Fathers (and uncles) stuff in running condition, but I have moved out of state, and can only get back a few times a year, when I do, I spend a few days replacing battery's, spark plugs, brake cyls., etc. get them running until the next time. here is a few of the maser, after sitting for about two years.

Every time I visit, I ask him "does it run" and yes they all run is his reply. Now I grab the keys and try to drive them. I'm afraid that one day I will get a phone call from his wife."your dad died last night, when are you getting all the cars?" he is starting to be receptive to sell a few that he can't start/drive easily. but he then he buys another :(
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