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Originally Posted by klr650gary
I'm more than happy just lurking at the edge, but, can I throw a question in please?

There is probably an easy answer (hopefully not covered before), anyone got any thoughts on the merits of a KLX 450 as a Rallye bike or why no one has?
1) KLX450 is based on the KX450, an MX bike with small oil capacity and designed for sprint races and frequent maintenance. Not the best platform for an long distance endurance race (not saying it is not possible though).

2) Since over half the field is on KTMs it makes a lot of sense to be on the same bike. If you have to borrow/buy a spare part you increase your chances of someone else having what you need. Also KTM has a truck in the rally you can buy spares off of.

Edit: Just noticed your screename, KLRs have been past rallys.
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