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Originally Posted by rhicks
So is there any way to cancel service and get a refund of the unused portion? This is just ridiculous! They still can't tell me when replacements will be shipped.

" Replacement units will be shipped out on a first come first serve basis. New hardware to be available early of 2010."
They are not real good about refunds either. I returned my Spot I and bought a Spot II in early December, before all this recall mess started so was able to register it and get service. They said that there was no way to roll my remaining 10 months on the first Spot over to the new one as it was different technology or some BS. So, they billed me again and said they would refund the $120 left on the first subscription to my card. After repeated phone calls I still haven't got the money.

I have that silly envelope sitting here but am waiting for a while to see what happens before sending it back. I am pitting for my son in a day long rock crawling/desert race next month and we are going to strap it to the car so the folks back home can follow along.
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