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KLR vs F650 Dakar

Originally Posted by ThirdCoast
I was looking at the BMW F650 Dakar, but looking harder at the KLR... What do you think about the KLR650 and what modification are necessary to get the beast to carry the load (me and camping gear). I am thinking front and rear progressive springs... others stuff. Let me know your view point.
Hey..if you're a big guy, and/or plan on carrying 100 lbs or more of stuff, and/or plan on riding the KLR pretty hard (air time) then yes, suspension upgrades, braided brake lines, and a license plate move will most likely be called for.
My husband is NOT a big guy (165 lbs) but he does ride his KLR pretty hard. He's already had the license plate fold up under the rear tire a time or two. He's also had to stiffen his rear shock (factory shock - adjust) some. My KLR is totally stock except for tires, I haven't changed the shock adjustment, but I've never bottomed out either. I'm pretty heavy for a gal and I do get some air on my KLR now and then, but no worries yet. They're really great bikes. I think I've ridden my old XT225 only twice since I got the KLR (Nov'03), you can spend all the money you'll save if you pass up the Dakar, buying cool stuff for the KLR and taking long adventure trips.

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