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Originally Posted by Gravel Seeker
Ahh, I see - we have introduced another factor here: The kit
I only buy the filters so I don't get any parts on the side. I'd probably change them if I bought the kit (why else would you buy it). But like I said before, I do check the parts I take off before recycling
My 1st oil change I didn't even know you could by the filter only. It wasn't until the 2nd when the filter had been packed in Styrofoam w/o a plastic bag around it and some small pieces of broken foam had wedged themselves in the folds of the filter and damaged the filter. So when I took it back to the dealer they just pulled a solo filter and exchanged it. That was the first I knew you could get it by itself (or that they had some parts stocked and others I had to order and wait 10 days Seems like maintenance items would be stocked)

I will probably buy solo filters and then a kit and just replace the filter I notice the o-ring needs to be replaced and then I will have it ready vs having to wait to order it.

Thanks for the info.
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