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Factory drivers and privateers

Some ideas, to have something to tell about...

This year in Dakar there was the problem with the Coma tyre. Anyone was sure about the irregular change.
Why not to check and to mark all the tyres each rider got in his assistence truck before the race? And, in the meantime, why not a limited quantity of tyres each rider, for all the race? And a limited number of rims?
Less than one tyres a day, to cacth the original spirit of "marathon raid".
Factory riders, in this case, must take attention and must ride not at max speed.
And why not less fuel liters for Elite Riders, face to the privateers?
Remember many privateers got just four tyres and four rims for all the race (2 ant and 2 post)... (2 on the bike, at the start and 2 on the Elf plane)

Remember in 24 H du Mans there are a limited number of pit stop and fuel lt.
And in all the major races there are restriction about fuel.

Less fuel on the bike could be safety and the racer must go slowly...
In this case, if the rules normaly tell 250 km + 10%, for the elite drivers could be 275 km + 10%

Dakar was not a "speed" race, but a raid in the desert with orientation problems...

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