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Originally Posted by canadaler
You can put a 200W stator on the XR400, plus do a battery conversion. Parts from the LTX?400 Honda quad (even the e-start) are interchangeable with the XR. Personally...I wouldn't do the e-start conversion.

As far as cooling capacity, some people used to weld additional aluminum fins on the engine...but you're right, that ain't gonna help you much when there is not air flow over them.

In terms of oil cooling...I was sort thinking of putting a larger oil cooler rad on the XR (maybe off a DR650?) and then (as long as you had the bigger output stator) hook up a fan to it as well. I think it could be quite effective when you don't have enough air flow over your engine fins.
Of course, you can add all of this stuff - but that was the point I was making above - that once you have, you've negated a lot of the weight advantage, and arguably made the bike more complex too?

I'm not saying it can't be done, or that it wouldn't be a good machine at the end, but something like the DRZ would be less work, that's all...

Also, since the XR400 production was stopped in 2004, there are many more, and later model DRZs around to choose from?

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