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Originally Posted by dang
Well, I've heard of some weird shit around this one. Never happened to me though. I heard that there is some way the ECU can store some energy (capacitance). I heard about it when people charged through the accessory port. I think the fix was to unhook the battery, check for voltage at the socket (which was seen) and apply a load until it "ran out". Freaky, I know. After that they hooked the battery up and everything reset. Might search over on chain gang. be careful though, in the earlier days many posters there were NOT mechanics although there is a core of good guys. Don't believe it just because it's posted with authority...kind of like this
Dang thanks for your reply , you may have hit the nail on the head , i was charging through the accessory port so your theory maybe good .

I will do as you suggest and post up tomorrow .

Thanks again.
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