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Originally Posted by HDB
Hey Mike, I have yet to make one for a 610, but I have it drawn up for a Scotts. I'd be willing to bet that a Motosportz Submount would be no problem at all. It's sandwiched between the top triple and the lower handlebar clamps, so shouldn't affect the fitment, just raise the bars. If you have a pic of the KTM/PT setup, shoot it over to me I'd like to see it.
KevinMTB posted up his solution. Please see

I would rather use the Motosportz damper, but I will take what I can get.

GPR replied back to me saying their submount/damper/topclamp kit won't fit the TE610 with the 5 gallon IMS - tank is too thick. The guide pin mounting for all damper brands is a challenge on this bike. KevinMTB made his own. Motosprtz makes only the top mount for the 610, but that clutters up the top clamp area, I would rather use that area for switches and such, and not clutter up the area. leaving better dashboard access.

The '07 and below come stock with 7/8" bars. I need them raised more. In switching to fat bars I need to raise them further yet. So a submount that acts as a riser leaves lots of unused space - perfect for a damper to be mounted there. I am OK with using the tank bolt for the guide pin like KevinMTB and other have. Another thought is to fab up spacers that go under the handlebar and submount to lift the handlebar and top clamp up higher as a unit. Would work for all your models.

- Mike
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