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Originally Posted by discochris
Gray market. Sold in Europe, but available in Canada for a few years, yet extremely rare. I've never actually seen one in person. The guy I take my 78 Beetle to for things I can't figure out is an old school VW guy, and the top Vanagon guy in the area. He's never even seen one - it's like the holy grail of VW vans (except for the ultra rare Fridolin).

The 4WD versions are awesome. With front and rear locking differentials, you could arguably drive it through anything. For a really good condition Doka Syncro, US legal (usually from Canada) they go for up to $30 grand

It's on my dream car list.
You may be confusing things, or my memory is not what it used to be.
While rare in NA, it's quite common in Europe (by comparison to the T2 version), and not the the holy grail, since it's a T3 / Vanagon (watercooled), scoffed at my many VW enthusiasts. The Type 2 version (aircooled) is the holy grail.
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